Source for augers, motors and load cell


I am trying to spec out a project and I am turning to you to maybe help point me to the right sites that may contain what I am after.

As it stands right now here are the specifics:

I have 4 containers of product that can hold up to 50 pounds each. Each hopper I am making will hold up to 50 pounds of product to begin with. I need to mix these products in a specific weight formulation. So I figure an auger with a good stepper motor would be a good way to feed material into a secondary hopper that will weight the material and when the material is within the weight limits, a trap door will open and drop the product into a mixing hopper. Once each hopper has added the appropriate weight of material and dropped it into the mix hopper, I will need to do two things. Verify the bulk weight of all the material to be mixed (this is an assurance for quality) and when verified, I need to turn on mixer to mix the products for a specific set of time then drop the mix into the final hopper.

I have the hoppers and the drop doors for each hopper figured out. I have seen some augers online but they are 3-d printed and I need them longer, so if anyone can point me to where I can get some, that would be a big help. Recommendations on stepper motors to turn the augers would be great. I don't need specific motors, just a good source or recommendation that someone has good success with.

Lastly, and the most help I need would be the "scale" portion. I need the first scale to weight each product dumped into the pre-mixer. There seems to be a lot of load cell, but I need a rugged one that can withstand up to 100 lbs. If someone has any other ways they weigh product please share I am open to anything at this point.

Thanks. All