Source for cable ends to mate to arduino


I'm getting ready to finish a prototype stage on my project, and, wanting to clean things up a bit, I wanted to make cables to run to the arduino. However, I'm having a real hard time sourcing a set of male ends that would mate up to the arduino's female plastic inputs/outputs. I don't really want just loose wires held in w/ RTV, and I'd prefer not to make a header board just to adapt to the headers. Does anyone know of a source online of the male cable ends I could use to attach things? (I've seen them being sold for servos and such, but all just have three pins - I'd like to choose different configurations based on what's going where, if possible.)

Thanks in advance!


Check out the connectors in the bottom right are of this catalog page from Jameco (PDF). Those are the connectors I use with various colors of 24g stranded wire. You'll need the connector housings for whatever number of pins you need + male or female crimp pins + a crimping tool (Jameco part#159266). Makes very neat connections. Sparkfun also sells pre-made jumper wires with the same connectors.

Excellent! That's exactly what I was looking for (having a name to associate w/ the item now really helps too =)

Thank you very much