Source of ATMega328 TQFP?

I needed a few and it seems to be out of stock everywhere. I tried eBay (USA sellers only) and the 3 I bought from, they refunded me later due to out of stock. I guess they were drop shipping and didn't keep track of the source's stock.

Is there any available in USA that isn't $5 per chip? $5 is when I get cheap Nano and remove the chip.

EDIT: I looked at VQFN version, it's much smaller with narrower pin spacing, I would have to run a bunch of bodge wires to connect VQFN to TQFP pad.

Wow, I've never seen that happen. Out of stock, on order everywhere.
Digikey, Mouser, Avnet, Arrow, Sager, Newark. Allied Electronic. Just, wow.

Sparkfun has small quantity of non-P version "coming soon":
We estimate having 100 additional pieces available soon. Notify Me
Incoming stock values are estimates, and subject to change without warning.

Maybe look into getting a sample from Microchip directly

It's hard to get these chips now, 328 and 32u4. Tee last several months have been like this and will likely be like this for some more months. Whoever wants them for any large quantity is screwed. Fortunately I have reserve. The current price for 100qyt is 1.92USD but last December at 200qty I got them at 1.67USD, about 15% cheaper. The 1284p-au is still available at large quantity though.

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