Source of SHR-05V-S-B with pigtails?

I've found several sources of the SHR-05V-S-B male shell and associated pins.

I am wondering if anyone know of sources for an assembled SHR-05V-S-B with pigtails?
No sarcastic remarks please. I've done a good amount of searching and have come up empty, so I thought someone in this forum may have a pointer to what I am looking for.
Thanks for any pointers.

Hi @three_jeeps. I found these after someone asked a related question a few weeks back:

I have been burned several times by ordering "JST" connectors from non-reputable sources and then either getting something completely different from what I ordered, or a rough facsimile of the real thing, but with such a poor fit as to be unusable. So definitely no guarantees what you will get, but Amazon does have a good return policy and the price isn't so high as to be too much of a gamble.

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