Source Problems)

Hello everyone,

I am making a car with an Arduino and I have some problems. After I finished the code, I tried to send it to the car with the USB connector and everything was fine. But at the time of changing the source with an independent battery, the result was not the same. I think it detected wrong data with the sensors and only do one routine.
I do not know what could cause this, because from my point of view the battery and the USB source must be the same.
If somone could help me!

Thank you in advice,

PD: I am sorry for my level of English.

You need to post your program and tell us in as much detail as possible what actually happens when you run it and what you want it to do that is different.


By source do you mean power source? You haven't provided details of how you are powering the system in both cases, we need this detail to be able to give any useful feedback.