Sources for CAIG Circuit Writer pens?

Hey everyone,

I have been digging around and noticed the there are quite a few people have used the CAIG Circuit Writer pens to draw their circuits onto circuit boards like you get from radio shack. I wanted to try them and see how well they work, but I only know of one place to get the CAIG Circuit Writer pens. They have them at but they are $18.64 each.

Does anyone know of another place to get them? Maybe cheaper?

Thanx for the help.


The “ink” in these contains powdered silver, so they are never going to be “inexpensive.”
You can experiment with a cheaper homemade “glue” based on graphite as described here: but of course graphite is less conductive than silver.

I am waiting until I can find a old school (but small) desktop plotter, until then i have a lead on a epson R200, which with a (slightly pricey) kit or some homebrew spirit can print directly onto smallish size pcb’s


sorry no relevant information was given

[edit]if your looking for the name brand I am not having much better luck, course here is a 7$ generic[/edit]