sourcing 5v/2A from Arduino- can it handle that?


I've finally got all the parts for a project and am going to begin wiring it together. I will have

--24 sharp GP2D12 infrared sensors, - drawing 5v --6 AC controller boards (from Futurlec - ET-OPTO AC-OUT4) - each drawing 5v

I'm trying to figure out how much current these will draw. From the spec in the Sharp sensor, it looks like the range for each is 33-50 mA - (x 24 = 1.2 A). I don't have a detailed spec for the AC boards- say it's about the same. (6 * 50mA = 300 mA) So 1.5 A total - or 2A to have some head room.

Is this too much current for the Arduino to source? If I go with a separate supply, will I still need to have a common ground with the Arduino for the sensors + AC boards to work correctly?

(I think the answers to both question == yes but wanted to get a reality check)



yes and yes. Neither the USB power or the built in 7805 can source 2A. Assuming everything will be on at the same time, you'll definitely need another power source.

You are also correct that you will need a common ground for things to work.


thanks! Starting to get a handle on all this stuff but still have those moments... and I am trying to avoid letting the smoke out of my electronic components... :-)