Sourcing a Worm Gear Motor

I am looking for a 12V worm gear motor for my project like this one. I need more torque though and ideally BLDC. Are there any good places to purchase these kind of motors? I've looked on Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay, but are there better options? For custom needs, do people generally buy the motor they want and build the gearbox?

Not something we generally deal with in here but IIRC there was a much older topic (maybe the forum search) ?

I would think that if you have quite specific requirements then we would certainly need much more detail.

Possibly the best bet is one of the many model gearboxes available with a motor to suit.

The motor you linked to is NOT a worm gear, as per their description: "No self‑locking, working well ". There is another one on the page that is.

My mistake. I updated the link.

I need a 12V, ~30-40 RPM BLDC motor with a worm gear (self locking), around 20-30 kg-cm stall torque, with encoder. Power requirements would be under 3.5A @ stall ideally, but I can adjust the motor driver. Is that the kind of detail needed?

Found one!

A windscreen wiper motor may fit the bill. (Car/ automobile).
12v dc and mucho torque. A used one should suffice.

Good luck.....

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