Sourcing headers

Alright all you builders out there -

I'm trying to be a bit economical with the space on my latest little PCB design. In order to accomplish this, I've concluded that what I really, really need is a socket header that is:

  1. SMD mounted, preferably soldered on both sides
  2. right angle/horizontal
  3. single row
  4. 8 position
  5. 0.1" pitch

Doesn't sound like a problem, does it? That's what I thought until I tried to find some for sale. The best I seem to be able to do is from Mouser, minimum order of 3000 ea. and with an 11 week lead time. Sssoooo ... any ideas, anyone?

Hi, can you post a link to the part you have found?

Something like this:

You should try a chat with also, they have a lot of parts and will send a few samples.
I think you're after SSM-108-S-SH


Yeah i found those too on Farnell (but of course they don't like to deal with individuals).. the sample request was a thing to try though. Only I need 50 or so.

What do you mean, don't like to deal with individuals? I've not had a problem buying from Farnell in the past.
Buy them from SAMTEC direct then. I had no problem getting 50 pieces added to my Cart at their site.

Well, I don't know where you're at, but here Farnell won't deal with you unless you can provide a VAT number (i.e. you represent a company). No individual sales.
... and with that, next stop Samtec.

No VAT issue when ordering from the US.
If they don't have parts stocked in the US it's pretty pricey for delivery tho.

Have you tried RS Components?

Yup, RS components have the same policy as Farnell unfortunately.

And as for ordering from Farnell US - it says "continental US only".
In general I try to deal as little with Farnell US as possible. We buy quite a bit from them work wise and they have consistently proven themselves completely erratic. Can't figure out to ship dangerous goods correctly so everything gets stuck en route. Then you complain about lack of delivery and they respond by immediately removing the option of international orders for the item. I kid you not.

If you are in the uk , try toby electronics

They are very common, cheap and available at most electronics suppliers and you can break off your own lengths.

They seem to tick all your boxes except being specifically surface mount. However I have seen them mounted on surface mount boards with the short part of the "L" lying across suitable pads on the PCB and soldered down leaving the long part of "L" pointing straight up from board.

See attached pic of horizontal mount.

Plenty of side entry in thru hole.
sM seems to be the sticking point.

I have found them helpful in the past, from memory their catalog was better than online.

May be worth a call.

Whats up with this board these days , keeps shutting down safari.

One thing i have seen done is using a vertical socket mounted on the edge of a ds board with the pins soldered each side of the board, that may be an option.

Break Away Male Headers - Right Angle - PRT-00553 - SparkFun Electronics

Thanks for your input, however I need sockets rather than pins (and I'd much prefer said sockets to be soldered down on both sides of the part for durability)

I have found them helpful in the past, from memory their catalog was better than online.

May be worth a call.

Well worth it, as it turns out! They're fixing me up with a quote right now, so that's nothing short of wonderful. Thanks!

I'm in the UK and regularly buy from Farnell. No need to be a company these days (it was in the past). Order over £20, and it's free next day delivery.

You need to be a company for a proper trade account, but you can buy from them without.


Same here, no problem ordering from farnell or rs provided i use a credit card.
Going bacck 30 yrs i have accounts with both, dont even know the status or name of accounts
,logon still works though. Pay with cc no problem.
You have to pay vat though, as ecpected.