Space Questions - Controlling Curtains with Arduino + Nema 23 + TB6560 + PSU

Hey guys, quick questions.

First, do I need all of these components to work together to achieve my task?

  1. arduino
  2. nema 23 stepper motor
  3. TB6560 stepper motor driver
  4. power supply unit (like a 24v 15a Dc) like this:

or could I use a dc power adapter that plugs right into the wall?
maybe like this here:

I'd like to keep this to as little space as possible.

I am doing a project to control curtains in my house. I will be using an arduino to control a nema motor that will rotate to move my curtains up and down.

I want to make it as small as possible and I'd rather not have a large power supply unit.

Do I have any options to hook up this system where it wouldn't take up that much space on my wall?

How heavy are the curtains? 6A? 15A? That's a lot of power capacity.
Do you need 72W of power to move some curtains?

They are blackout and the plastic roller I'm going to use isn't the lightest, so together I'd say 2lbs.

I'm really new to this, but I am reading the nema 23 and 17 and supposed to get 24v so I shouldn't use 12v dc power supply right?

Read the specs on your motor, or post a link. That's the only way to say for sure. NEMA XX really just refers to the footprint I think.

This is a link to the nema 17 I bought, I don't see in the specs the rated voltage.