"Space Team" project, need help

Hey everyone,

First time on these forums and I am a beginner to programing and electronics. Looking for some advice on a project idea.

I want my arduino to ask me to do something through an LCD, then have a timer and if I push the button or turn the dial it asked me to then it will respond positively, but if I take too long it responds negatively, then it moves on to the next random command.

Hardware is the easy part for me because I can really see it, please leave some suggestions on how to write this kind of program! Just suggested commands that would help me would be great! Thanks!!

  • Will

Study the blink without delay sketch in the IDE. https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/BlinkWithoutDelay

Learn to use millis(); for parts of your project that need timing.

Have a look at planning and implementing a program.

The key thing is to treat your project as a series of small parts that can be developed one at a time.


Awesome! thanks so much for being so quick and helpful! Appreciate your willingness to help the beginner!