Spaceing question

I tried figuring this out a few weeks ago, but because I couldn't find the example that used this spacing method I couldn't post an example that used it.

I want to know what spacing method is used here. if you copy this code to the arduino and backspace the place before PR it will back space 5 or so places. Similar to how the tab key works in microsoft. If you hit tab after you backspace it only spaces two places though.

I know you can change the spacing of tab in advanced settings, but when you hit backspace after tab it only goes back one, which has led me to believe this spacing method might not be tab.

Can someone tell me what is used?

    while (Pass.available() > 0) {
        PR =;

Just use the auto format tool from the IDE main menu!. Never do code layout by hand!


Yes, but if I set it up that way wouldn't the auto format automatically format everything to match it that same way?

Regardless, I'd really like to know how that to do that spacing thing if anyone happens to know.

I use Geany as an external text editor and that way I can do my spacing as I like.


You can use an external editor to embed tabs in the file. If you use the IDE, tabs are converted to spaces. Get used to it, or quit using the IDE as editor.