The digging I’ve done for Spaceorbs has turned up a bunch of links to a lot of dead sites, places that had sold converter kits from serial to USB to allow it to work on more recent systems.

But all those sites appear to be dead now, no hardware available.

I came across one site that mentioned Arduino in reference to spaceorbs, but its link was old and no longer existed. When I emailed the question to the company they told me to post a question in the forums here.

The limited searches in the forums for spaceorb are all pretty old, so I’m just trying to see if there’s currently any viable path and product currently available to allow spaceorb controllers to become functional again. I’ve got three or four at home that I’ve had for ages, and with the new Descent game being done via Kickstarter, it made me realize I really would prefer the spaceorb be operational again.

Thanks for any links or information you can give me, even if it’s nothing more than to say, “Give it up, it’s not doable anymore.”


Wow, I didn't know that such a device exists. I would want it for my own robot projects, but unfortunately it seems to be sold out, even on eBay :-(

What I found is an OrbShield and related software on SourceForge, but couldn't view anything yet (maintenance ongoing).

Using it with an Arduino requires an RS-232 to TTL converter, figuring out the baudrate, then you can start decoding the serial protocol. Provided that the device does not require serial control, the converter only has to limit the Tx signal to TTL (0-5V) level, i.e. two diodes and a resistor.