Spaceship Interface circuit not working

You never clairified that you were using the corrected configuration. Don’t confuse frustration with rudness.

Reversing supply polarity is something that’s shows a complete lack of common sense. Would you hook up your car battery backwards if it wouldn’t start?

Reversing polarity can irreversiblely damage both components and the Arduino. Do it with circuits that have more power available can result in things exploding in your face.

+1 Well said

I just hope that none of the kids saw that and copy that move.

If you don’t know what the red and black wires MEAN then you might as well NOT be able to tell them apart.
Brush up on HS physics, you won’t mix them up again, ask the science teachers.

I work at a k-8 school and am currently working on some Arduino projects for after school. One of the kids is excelling very well and built his circuit correctly, and started to help some of the other kids that were going a little slower.

As he helped them after he successfully put his together, he followed the instructions(Arduino starter kit with Arduino UNO rev.3) as they are in the book to help the students.

He said he couldn’t figure out what was wrong with the other students projects because they looked exactly like his. So the class ended and i started to look over the students work to see why they weren’t working.

There’s a lesson here!

That student clearly needs to become the teacher. Reminds me of when Electronics was taught in my High School Science class.

Just involve him as partner in everything you are doing with these devices. He will learn, and you will learn too. Everyone wins!

Try to imagine that we don’t know what a k8 school is, or what book and circuits you’re referring to.

“K-8” implies integrated “primary”-“secondary”. Sounds reasonable, clearly the systems vary by country.

Everybody knows what “The Arduino Book” and “Project three” are. :roll_eyes:

"K-8" implies integrated "primary"-"secondary".

And "K-9" implies dog obedience school.
So K-8 is a step down from that?

Ok guys, stop flogging the dead horse..............