spam attack?

Crossroads should get overtime pay today!

Defnitely! Can't believe how many spammers I just blocked & deleted their "call girl" posts!

I hear they are going to double your pay.

Wait! They were call girl posts? Dang! I knew I should have used translate!

Great job Bob!

Yeah, it was all crap like this when translated: Zhuang trip call girl Juan woman guest business trip Juan business trip girl Juan Juan motel business trip Juan lover business trip

Wtf. The one spam shot i miss is call girls?! I am in need of their services for this wednesday...

I thought you young guys didn’t need an escort.

We just wanna be like our CiC.

ChrisTenone: We just wanna be like our CiC.

But he can afford to fly them in from points East where they do that funny writing. Us ordinary folk can't.


You mean the Rooskies, right? - Commies? Stalinists? Eastern Bloc? Oligarchs?

Yeah, they sell hotties, but not as bacteria free as they want you to think. I hear they can carry putimydea and trumphilis.

And uh, we gots Scottsdale Blondes.



I hear that it can turn you into an orange idiot.

Henry_Best: I hear that it can turn you into an orange idiot.

Wasn't that Lyndon Johnson and Agent Orange?