SPAM reports

Am used to being able to report spam quickly and in succession. However there now seems to be a time limit on the frequency of the allowed reports.

Maybe not in the best interest of keeping spam down :(

This looks like a recent thing but if anyone knows anything I am all ears.

What length of time limit?

I have something like a 20 second time limit on reports but that how it's been for a long time. It actually is an annoyance to me when someone goes on a crossposting spree. I try to multitask while I'm waiting for the timeout but then get distracted and forget about reporting the other instances. However, I understand why something like this might be necessary since with no limit a malicious person could cause hassle for the moderators by submitting a ton of invalid reports.

pert: I try to multitask while I'm waiting for the timeout

Likewise - it's not too hard to occupy myself for 20 secs. I think it was more irritating before I realized how it works / how to deal with it.


Thanks Guys...

Didnt realise there was a limit maybe because I am usually jumping around but I hit two spams that were together.