Spark Fun CAN Bus Read/Write Demo

Hi I am using two Sparkfun CAN Bus shields with two OSEPP-UNO-04.

I have put the Sparkfun Read on one arduino and Sparkfun Write on the other.
I have connected CANH, CANL, and GND together via 2 inch wires.
I can probe the output of the "write" example and see the packets on my o-scope.

However, I am not able to read anything from the "read" example project.

Is there something that I am missing here? I have played with the various CAN speeds making sure that they are matched...

Any help is appreciated thank you,

Have up terminated the bus correctly?
are you using the 9 pin D-type connector or directly wiring to the CANH and CANL signals?
What library are you using?
I assume the CAN interface initialises OK?
I would recommend you get a CANBUS dongle for a PC it is very using for monitoring the bus.
A Canbus monitor which uses a Seeed CAN-BUS Shield V1.2 may give you some ideas