Woo i found out Spark Fun Electronics is having a free day on January 7!!

Free STUFF FUll Details here:

I hope its not a hoax. :-/

All day until end of the day or 100k has been spent.
Max 100$ per household.

Meaning 1000 lucky people get to buy stuff!

I don’t know about you but I’m prepared!


shhh I was hoping it would be on the down low for a lil longer ;D

I need to find out when it starts officially so i know when to hit submit in my browser…

Times are tough its going to be sweet if i get in on this.

AWESOME. So is it just you can place your order any time between the listed times and it will be free (as long as they’re not out of money)? IE: I should fill up my shopping cart now? :wink:

thats what im doing :D… i cant decide what to get… :o

RAWR. I have school that day…Why would they do it on a Thursday…? This is probably worth skipping for though :P.

Wait…does that mean I can get a free arduino mega?
Here’s what i’m getting:
Arduino Mega - $64.95
I2C EEPROM - 256kbit - $5.85
LED Matrix - Dual Color - Medium - $6.95
ScrewShield - $9.95
Basic Breadboard - $11.95
Total:$99.65(is there anything that costs 35 cents?
Edit2: Only one order, that sucks.
I’ll just get the arduino mega :smiley:

is there anything that costs 35 cents?

Doubt it :P.

I think one order means one shopping cart and check out, and a $100 free reduction is given. So in other words, you could have multiple items.

I may be wrong but heres what i would do. Make shopping cart. Save shopping cart. Save internet cookies in a separate folder for backup. Write down shopping cart on plain paper (super backup).

And wait for Jan 7. If its one item then you’ll know which one you want most of all. If its shopping cart, you’re prepared.


So the first 1,000 orders (assuming =>$100 each) will use up the promotion. I wonder how long that will take, recalling that it’s a large world and it’s nearly all wired these days?

I’m guessing less then 5 mins for the promotion to expire. :-[


I certainly hope not :(. I mean, how many people are there in the world? (roughly 7 billion?) How many of them have internet access? (approximately 1,407,724,920) How many of them use it regularly? How many of them are into robotics/Arduino? How many of them use SparkFun? How many of them know about this? I suppose it’s quite a few more than 100,000 , but with any luck, we’ll get our orders in in time :).

How many of them know about this?

Well the promotion is like six weeks ahead, so the word will spread. This news will hit slashdot sooner or later for sure. Have you ever seen what happens to most sites when a link is posted there? It’s coined the expression “being slashdotted”, locks the sites up for many hours and thats during working hours at that.

Anyone one want to place a small wager on the promotion not lasting more then five mins?


Oh its 1 ORDER per day. >_< Not just 1 item. I can’t wait!
Here is what i’m geting.(again, in an image, its more fun that way :stuck_out_tongue: )

I think I’ll try for a nice GPS module, but I’m not counting on it working :wink:

Can you imagine all the people waiting with their shopping carts loaded, hovering over their check-out button, counting the seconds down? Worst then a E-bay auction with all the snippers lurking with their bids at closing time.

At least no one should get physically trampled like the store sales the day after Thanksgiving over here.


I wrote a script to sent the request the second the offer starts. :smiley: (not really, but i will if i have to…)

Well, I’d place a pint on that wager… I say within the first 15 minutes, greater than 5 though…

I read in Sparkfun’s post about this that they will alter the “rules” if they see it fit… so perhaps we should inform them that their free “day” won’t really last a “day”, nor an hour at that… maybe they will up the number of orders to a few more thousand or something…

should add another half hour to “time-limit” that way… :wink:

I say within the first 15 minutes, greater than 5 though…

What are you smoking :sunglasses: They are giving to anyone a free $100 order, no strings attached. You really think that there won’t be 1,000 orders all queued up ready to launch?


You really think that there won’t be 1,000 orders all queued up ready to launch?

Cough 100,000 You mean ;).

Cough 100,000 You mean

I don’t think so. $100 per order limit per person, $100,000 total promotion value. Isn’t 1K X $100 = $100,000 ?

Ah, I get it, humor. I meant > 1,000 orders all set to go. :wink:


Yes, I really don’t think so… not immediately at least… someone’s coffee will spill, another will get an urgent call… in the end, they will buy it faster than others, just not in the first 5 minutes… but, I could be wrong… we will see on “judgment day” - so what’s the bet gonna be?

so what’s the bet gonna be?

Well we are far part, but tell you what. I’ll bet you a 328p processor chip with bootloader, shipped first class that the promotion doesn’t last longer then five mins. What you say?


  1. Bets off if the promotion rules change that would effect the free for all effect.
  2. We need to determine how we tell what the promotion cut off time is before the wager takes effect.