Sparkfun 3x4 keypad

Can someone post a pic of how they hooked up this keypad or explain how to hook it to an arduino?

also see first comment on the product page:

it tells you which pins are the rows and which are the coloumns

Actually it's confusing as h$ll !

I went and bought a new DVM because of the readings I was getting, but it turns out I get the same readings with the new one! According to SparkFun it doesn't have the typical Row Col setup. Which pins require the pull up's ? which pins are col & rows? The tutorial isn't meant for a 7 pin setup.

Confused as usual SubMicro

I easily found the pinout with a pen, sheet of paper, and a multimeter/testlight took maybe 10 min.


1 2 3 2 4 5 6 7 7 8 9 6 * 0 # 4

3 1 5

pinout found by following steps on

Well hmm maybe i'm doing it wrong then, I'll try again.

Did my lil diagram work for you? :D

I just finished rewiring it tonight and yes hooray! ;D thanks a bunch. Now on to my next problem.....

Thanx again SubMicro