Sparkfun 6DOF IMU

Hi all, i created a library for the 6DOF v1. It’s real simple to use.

Also wrote a kalman filter lib to go with it. They work real well together. I’ll just polish some more and then add another gcode project.

Since this is my first post i can’t put the URL here. I’ll do a reply.


Get it here:

Cool, Id love to see your kalman lib. Im working on my own (or rather contributing to one). Right now I am hung up on finding a reliable way to determine yaw, pitch, and roll from a 3 axis accel. (I know you cant really find yaw unless it there is also a pitch and/or roll) There is a thread in exhibition discussing it.

I'm also working on a project which need to use arduino to read data from sparkfun's 6DOF IMU. I hope I can have more help from this thread any kind guy can provide some tutorial?