Sparkfun 7 Segment Shield not printing correctly


I am working on a project for counting laps on Carrera Slot Car Tracks.
Everything is working except getting it to display on the Sparkfun 4 digit 7 Segment Display.
I am trying to get Track 1s laps to count to digit 4 and 3 leftmost and Track 2s laps to count to digit 2 and 1 rightmost of the 7 segment shield.

It uses sprintf but I cant get the right code “%02d”? to display what I am trying to do.

I have also tried to manipulate the display by trying math counting of 1000s and 1s which also does not work.

Can anyone please help?

CarreraLapCounter.ino (6.15 KB)

Please post your code.

In code tags, obviously.

I have it working. "%02d" "%02d" to split the screen and I took the printing code out of the logics equation. :) :)