Sparkfun board fio v3 can't upload blinking sample code on ubuntu 14.04


I really appreciate any kind of help.

This is my situation:

sparkfun fio v3 arduino ide 1.6.4 (last version available) last version of addon files available there ( They have to work with ide version > 1.5. ubuntu 14.04 LTS

I can't upload the blinkies example code! When I started as root the arduino ide the following messages appear to me: " *avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding Problem uploading to board. See for suggestions. * ". In other occasions the uploading procedure doesn't finish and the red bar doesn't reach the 100% uploading condition (still remains in that position).

Any suggestions? I really want to fix this problem and I am quite new in arduino board programming. I have to use a less recent version of ide or addon? thank you so much!

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Were you able to locate and select the proper board after extracting the files into your Sketchbook?

Yes, I can select the sparkfun fio v3 board among the possible boards in the tools menu and also the available port 'COM4'. Other suggestions?

Thank you!

I shifted on Windows 7. Now I can upload for few times… But after some uploading the port wasn’t recognized anymore. If I try to open serial monitor I get the following error:

"Error opening serial port ‘COM4’. (Port not found)

Thank you"for any kind of help!