Sparkfun CAN Shield + Arduino Uno + Pressure sensor + Initialization failure


I am trying to read a pressure sensor that outputs CanOpen with a Can Shield on top of Arduino Uno. In future i will be adding more sensors (e.g. IMU with J1939 output). But right now i just have two nodes - the pressure sensor and Arduino with Shield. I am getting the pressure sensor output to Dsub9 with an additional connector.

After Trying with a few existing libraries, i am stuck at CAN initialization which always fails. Seems like i cannot set CanSpeed and access MPC2515. Any leads or help will be highly appreciated.

Although i am connected to the sensor but do i always need to connect the DSub cable to start a Can channel ?


PS: The canbus is terminated in the connector i am using which is this one of this

Pressure sensor:

It seems like the pinout of the connector (DSub9 female) is different from what is expected from the Can Shield (DSub9 male).

At my connector CAN_H is at pin 2 and Can Shield expects the CAN_H to be at pin 3.

Never thought this could be an issue. >:(