Sparkfun Free Day

Anyone Know when the next free day is?

Anyone care?

No, I wouldn’t pay to see that movie twice. ;D


Somehow I doubt there will be another one and I am also glad of that. ::)

Somehow I doubt there will be another one and I am also glad of that.

I agree - that was one maddening morning.

What I found really funny is that the whole reason for the "free day" was to act as a load test for their new server system; given the number of people who just plain couldn't order or even see the site on that day, I personally think it was a failure.

Given the number of people they pissed off, I think it was a failure, too.

Given the fact that the number of people interested in $100 of free stuff would probably overload many servers much more powerful than SF's new one, it's pretty much a failure in setting up a load test for their servers.

Free day was stupid, I am willing to bet that more than half of the people who got stuff were not even existing customers or resellers.

If they ever decide to do it again I think it should be limited to people who have placed orders in the past.

Or, if they wanna tick people off again, make some sort of sweepstakes with only like 5 winners!!!

I couldn't get the site to move before free day.

Relationships are reciprocol or complimentary and when I can't get the server to move on free day then this offer for publicity means all for Sparkfun and few people and none for me and most of the people. It means they don't have a relationship with most or all of the people. It means only they benefited at getting free advertising at the expense of the person who sat there stupidly at the computer for hours and didn't get anywhere.

Here is a plan. How about giving people products at cost or with free shipping. Instead of gouging people for .35 cents for tact switches, why not give them to people for four cents where other sites sell them for? How about helping the customer who actually buys something?

There is no help for students who want to start a robotics club because most students in high school don't work and don't have money from mom and dad.

Do you know what my boss does? My boss buys a lot of product before the price increase from the supplier takes effect. It is like printing money and sellers who don't help out their customers once and a while are just taking advantage of them in my opinion. In other words, those customers who sat for hours at a computer terminal were working at getting something. It is called free labor for advertising. You sit at a computer while your chances are nill and it only benefits Sparkfun. You work; Sparkfun benefits. Sparkfun gets the product for less so they have to be making a killing to be able to give stuff away and when you buy their products, you are paying for the next free day so people can labor at their keyboards to give Sparkfun free advertising while most of you get nothing.

But I think Sparkfun succeeded.

They gave out $100k retail priced free stuff (which probably cost them less than $30-40k) but they got so much publicity that they would of had to spend more than half a million to get.

On free day many people heard the name of Sparkfun for the first time. Articles were written about them, forum talks (they still do after 7 months), they got even attention of google and trend customers.

They didn't and couldn't make everyone happy, and let's not forget, it was their money and no one had any right to be upset for not getting free stuff.

It was a smart move by Sparkfun

I dunno, the only places I see them being talked about is the exact same places that were talking about them before

sure they got a day of uber-ad's but most of that was on cheap deal blogs or (alot) of personal blogs saying how much they sucked after

was it a win? who knows, sparkfun seems to think so, and there is a lot of people who believe them so whatever

It was labor day. Users stayed up the morning before to sit at their keyboards and labor at a product which was impossible to get for the average person so Sparkfun could get free advertising.

Did it work? They got their name out but I haven't bought from them since and haven't felt the need to buy from them ever again.

They haven't done anything for me so I don't owe them anything. Even people who told me about it didn't win anything and haven't talked about them since.

Did you guys see Nathan's presentation on Google YouTube channel.

Basically, free day put them on radar for many big companies who didn't know sparkfun existed before.

Ok, I'm annoyed that this post has been dragged back up from the depths of the forum but pleasantly surprised that it's not a spammer who has dragged it up.

Yes I saw that vid, it was very good marketing for them and also a good test or servers (they failed - badly!).