SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V. Is it good?

What do you guy's think of this one? Its from SparkFun and is a bit pricey without the sale but it looks really nice and has a lot of big description reviews with stuff saying it worked the first time and everything.

I want to know if anyone has had any experience using this model or not. Im willing to spend the money, but I already got one that needs old drivers and doesn't work. Im trying to find one that is guaranteed to work.

Im trying to buy from the US so that shipping isnt stupid long and expensive.
I won't buy from China right now just because of whats going on over there.

Spark fun is usually fine and well supported , haven’t got one as I bought all mine from China ( I have 5 or 6) .

The board may well be made in China, or the chips , or connector may well be , you need to ask them , if it is you are stuck .

What I meant was it wasn’t shipping China, I don’t care if it’s made there haha. Their located in Colorado.

Do you have any specific links that show where I should buy one if it does come from China. I tried Toyosshop and like, shipping is horrendous. $20 for FedEx. But $4 wit HongKong airlines? That’s what I don’t want.

They are all made in China.
The problem with the really cheap ones is that they are using counterfeit FTDI chips, and the FTDI driver in the PC can tell.

Sparkfun (and Adafruit) are a reliable source.

Sure, I like their products. They're well engineered and supported.

If I’m programming a microcontroller and not just using this as an external programmer. Should I get the basic or the full??


Full: SparkFun USB to Serial Breakout - FT232RL - BOB-12731 - SparkFun Electronics

I feel like I should get the basic?

I don't think you'll ever find yourself doing more than using it as a USB/Serial adapter, or for Serial downloading.

With the Full, you could use it a Programmer in a pinch, but it's a slow way to do it.

I still have a Duemilanove wired up like that. Took hours to set it up and use it - once. Then I got a real programmer.

If you are planning to use it as a Tool, vs building it into a project, then you might consider one of these from Pololu.

$7.77 plus sales tax, free shipping in the US. You'd have to work an order to see how much for your location.

Mine just arrived today, I've only taken it out of the box today.
"FTDI" header for plugging onto a board for Serial & power, ICSP header for bootloading.
So now instead of digging out two cables and two devices to set up a new part, I just need to find one.
For example, to set up this Mini2560 board.
I'm going to try it with a DIP '328P to start, just in case. I that's a lot easier to replace should I fry thru chip vs a '2560, but I had this handy for a picture.

Ok thanks crossroads. I purchased one of these like we said in the other post, it’s getting here Monday. If I have that, I can use that as a serial to usb? Because in the other post you made it sound like I needed both, the Pololu for burning the boot loader and the SerialToUsb for programming it

It is described as doing both. Mine arrived today, will be playing with it soon.

It is described as doing both. Mine arrived today, will be playing with it soon.

Awesome man! Thank you so much for all the information! Tell me how it goes!

I have been using a Sparkfun like what you ask about for a couple of years and don't remember any issues getting it to work.