Sparkfun huge lcd 160x128

Goodnight, as anyone here get one of those Sparkfun huge graphical lcd's working? I bought one and I cant get it working, not even with the serial backpack code provided by sparkfun itself, I think that the lcd is dead, but if someone as working code for arduino let me know so I can test my lcd.

Post some pics. Does it have back light and did it work? Does it turn on and display dots?

I was answering in another thread about the T6963 library that is buggy.

Instead, I've found this library, that is working (or at least doesn't have any bugs). Did you try that one?

Edit: Actually, you also need to download this file, and replace it for the one with the same name on the library.

And this the complete list of downloads for that library

That lib is this: In an C++/arduino sketch coding style, I have already tried it, with no success, the only thing that the lcd shows is a full screen of random on/off pixels, so it works in the way that it can display images, but it doesn't receive any order from the micro-controller. Yes, the back light work, without it I could not see anything, if I hookup it again to the arduino I will take a photo, but I have to connect 21 wires to the arduino and a breadboard, its a bit tedious.

Why do you need to hook-up 21 wires if it's a serial backpack LCD as you elude to in the first post...? Is this part of the problem... ie using the serial backpack library with a standard non-serial LCD? Which part number did you buy?


No, I have the plain lcd, but I cant get it to display anything, only random pixels on/off, I have already tried every source code I can find in the internet to get it to work, even the Sparkfun serial lcd backpack that is a proven working code, so I think that my lcd is in fact dead, 6 months of waiting to have it, and now its just dead.

I’m still not clear on what hardware you have. You mentioned “plain lcd”, and “serial lcd backpack” again - but do you actually have the serial backpack hardware? I think it would be unusual for a brand-new LCD to arrive DOA, but anything’s possible I guess…


you might want to use different power supply that those supplied by Arduino, might be power starving, and also try to wire RX (if you have the backpack) to A-REF

A-ref is the ADC voltage reference. why would you wire it to rx

When I received mine the contrast pot on the serial back-pack was turn all the way down!

Had me scratching my head for a while!