Sparkfun LCD 4X20 crazy!

Hi everybody! Trying to copy this project the aforementioned lcd stopped behaving normally. It's the second that goes in different ways:
One does not seem to recognize multiple lines and paragraphs, does not respect the line assigned and wraps when he wants, even the initial written is totally moved. This prevents me to adjust the parameters but still allows to give commands with the keystrokes that I memorized when it was ok.
The other one shows random characters: alpha beta gamma and stuff like that, all scattered and dancers. With this I can not even give commands with the sequences mentioned above.
However I do not think they are broken, I hope instead that it is just something that I do not understand.

The question is: is there a way to reset the LCD or at least make sure that it come back to the initial order?


please post a link to the datasheet of the LCD
and a copy of your code that fails

without that we cannot help

here is the datasheet:

I have attached the code because is too long to post here, but i think the problem is not caused by the code, it works for weeks, then gone mad. (16.3 KB)

here is a video when it works correctly.

attached is a screenshot of its actual status

DO you control it with 4 or 8 parallel lines?

I would check ate least line 2

  • the word Pause changed to Pausa (e->a) , the difference between these ASCII values is 4 which is represented by line 2.

There may of course be more loose lines.

I'm not very knowledgeable, I do not know what you mean by parallel lines.
pausa instead of pause is because it is in Italian but the code is write right.

I mean do you control the display with 4 or 8 data lines - parallel lines is the wrong formulation, sorry no native English speaker -

I suspect it's your code. I saw the same results when I first started playing with my display. Are your strings null-terminated correctly? If you are getting partial overwrites call clear first or pad with spaces.