Sparkfun MAG3110 and an Uno

I just got a Sparkfun manotometer and the correct voltage converter both from Sparkfun. I wired both exactly as specified by Sparkfun to my Uno.

I added the line Serial.println(" I am here and it works…"); so i know the serial connection is working from within the sketch.

I compiled their “basic” sketch and uploaded it with no problems. It hangs on the “mag.innitialize()” command in the sketch.

With the exception of the line I added, everything is stock and straight from Sparkfun. Has anyone else had this problem with these breakout boards? Thank you in advance.

PS: I am still very much a beginner so please excuse me if I make dumb mistakes.

Here is the picture from the Sparkfun page showing how to wire the board. I followed it exactly.

Sorry for the typos : "MAG3110 Magnetometer" is what I bought with the correct SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional