SparkFun OpenLog Artemis library edit Zoom call

I need to be able to edit the gain variable on a SparkFun Qwiic Scale - NAU7802 library which is connected to a SparkFun OpenLog Artemis. The problem is I have rudimentary experience with Arduino and less with Artemis.

Ask: A Zoom call where you walk me through the process. I make the changes myself, on my computer, my boards. If the program compiles and uploads with the right library, I will pay you $100/hour (PayPal or Venmo) for the tutoring service for at least one hour and up to 4.

Ideally, you have worked on this board before and know how to make changes to the sketches or can demonstrate that you have performed the task yourself ahead of time.

Joe Lamberti
Mechanical engineer pretending to be a software engineer.

How do you have it all hooked up?

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