Sparkfun or Adafruit for arduino?

Hey, just a quick question for those whom know. What do you consider better and what are your experiances with either the: Adafruit Wav sheild - or The Sparkfun mp3 Shield -

Thanks -Tryndus

The title of your request does not reflect your question. The words wav /mp3 shield would make it more clear ;)

wrt your question: The word "better" is the tricky one as it depends on the requirements of your project and/or your expectations and budget. Did you notice one is mono and the other stereo?

So Q1 is: What do you want to do with the shield?

It is like saying which is best a banana or an orange. The two are not the same things so there is no answer to the question as posed.

I agree.. to give any feedback.. we need to know more about your project(s), and intended usage..

Do you have a preference between MP3's & WAV files?

I have played with the Waveshield and have experience with it.. but have never played with or used any sort of MP3 module/chip to decode .mp3 files..

I also suggest reading the comments about items from the users.. they usually post good & valid topics that pertain to the item

such as some modules can ONLY play files if they are numbers 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5..etc..etc.. some you can use/pass in a file name..

I found the stock/default Waveshield to be NOT very loud.. (although I read about adding a resistor for a volume hack that might help this)

Waveshield can only play 1 track at a time (can only open 1 file on SD card at a time).. not sure if others have same restrictions or not..

outline what you plan to do with it might help sway our suggestion one way or another.

I have used the SparkFun board with the on-board and an external SD shield works a treat with .mp3 files claims to play .wav files but isn't very good