Sparkfun RF Transmitter + Receiver?

Hey guys,

I have some questions about Sparkfun's RF Transmitter and Receiver:

So, it says that what the data pin on the Transmitter sees is what the data pin on the receiver sees. Does this mean that if I connect the receiver data to an Analog Input and the Transmitter to a potentiometer or something, that I can get values as if the RF wasn't there?

I guess my question is: does the input to the transmitter have to be digital? or can it be analog?

If I have a pushbutton with a pull down resistor on the transmitter, that will definitely work right?

No analog values. Digital only, so yes the switch tied directly to the data pin will work and is an excellent way to test the system.

Be prepared to deal with noise at longer range.

Read this:

I HIGHLY suggest you look into using VirtualWire library if you haven't used many RF kits.. he's right.. you have to deal with alot of noise. All of which is filtered out inside the VirtualWire library.

And it genearlly works with all RF kits.