Sparkfun RN-42 with arduino

do i need to get a bluetooth modem or can i just get a: and solder wires on to VCC RX TX etc pads and connect to arduino RX and TX?

Get the breakout man,

Way less hassle!

hassle + save money...YES!

so what does the breakout board have that is and isnt required for successful operation?

The breakout board has level shifting, voltage regulators and 0.1" pin spacing on the connector area.

Seriously, have you tried to solder to an SMD module like this?
It will look like crap, not be mechanically sound and you’ll be breaking wires off and re-soldering them.

The breakout is a neater, robust and more versatile.
For the extra $20 it is worth it.

Did you look at the datasheet for the module and the schematic for the sparkfun breakout board? The module is 3.3V and the breakout board is 5V and has a 3.3V linear power regulator and logic level translation for the I/O pins.

yes i saw that, sorry i didn't mention. i knew that i had level shifter and vreg but that's it. i have a 3.3v supply and its for arduino so i dont need to level shift(have a max232 if i do)