SparkFun Seial LCD with NewSoftSerial


I have found a need to use NewSoftSerial with the library for the SparkFun serial LCDs. I thought it would be as easy as replacing every "SoftwareSerial" wirth "NewSoftSerial", but I get a message saying the lib can't be built, "error: type 'NewSoftSerial' is not a direct base of 'sf_LCD' ". What am I doing wrong, or what have others done to use NewSoft on these LCDs?


Hi Joachim,

Where is sf_LCD defined? Could you share your code? It looks like sf_LCD is derived from SoftwareSerial, perhaps in a library?


Hi Mikal,

You were right, I fiddled with it, and then discovered I was using the two in a lovely mix. Got it working now, and with your TinyGPS it makes a lovely combination!!