Sparkfun Serial LCD Kit Bricked. (SOLVED... mostly)

I've recently purchased the serial LCD kit from Sparkfun ( and was messing about with the code, trying to mesh it with the menubackend code found here:

Well, that was a pain, so I loaded the original LCD code onto the LCD's chip, and the menu code onto an Uno, and tried to get the two talking via the tx/rx pins. It worked, kind of. Long story short, the screen started printing gibberish and randomly changing its backlight intensity, so I reloaded the LCD code again and powered up the LCD, this time unconnected to the Uno.

When the splash screen came on, the characters were in the wrong spot. Looking at the code, it was obvious that the board thought it was running a 20x4 character display, when it was actually running a 16x2. I couldn't convince it otherwise with my novice level tinkering, so I finally said f*** it and reset the chip's eeprom to try to get rid of the data that wouldn't rewrite.

That seems to have been a bad idea. Now I've just got a screen that does nothing. Blank. No apparent activity. Bricked. The chip seems to be fine. I've written a sketch to it, and saw the results via serial monitor. I just can't get any activity out of the screen. Any ideas?

Not sure why the screen got garbled in the first place, but the reason it went blank was because the LCD kit code is designed to read the last state of the eeprom and set the screen according to those values. When I flashed the eeprom, everything went to zero, so that’s where everything stayed.
I wrote the appropriate values to eeprom, and now everything is fine.

#include <EEPROM.h>

void setup()
   EEPROM.write(3, 1); //(SPLASH_SCREEN_ADDRESS, splashScreenEnable)
       EEPROM.write(5, 16); //(COLUMNS_ADDRESS, columns)
       EEPROM.write(4, 2); //(ROWS_ADDRESS, rows)
       EEPROM.write(1, 128); //(LCD_BACKLIGHT_ADDRESS, backlightSetting)
       EEPROM.write(2, 9600); //(BAUD_ADDRESS, baudSetting)
void loop()