Sparkfun Serial LCD problems

I’ve got a Sparkfun serial LCD that used to work fine. As so many of us have done, I forgot to unplug it once while programing the Arduino. In the process it turned off the backlight and I’ve been unable to turn it back on. I’ve searched sparkfun’s forum and this forum and haven’t had any luck despite trying all the fixes I’ve found. Here are some:

I’m fairly certain the baud rate is correct as I’m able to send characters to the screen. Also, strangely enough, when I run this code:

It functions correctly EXCEPT for turning the backlight on. My theory is that all commands sent to the Sparkfun LCD backpack are not working, while all commands sent to the HD44780 (clear screen, line select) seem to function properly.

Please help! Frustration is looming!

EDIT: I should add that when attempting to perform the baud rate reset (send r during splash screen) I do not receive any acknowledgment that the serial rate was reset as some folks have described on here.

Have you tested the LED?

I just tested the LED and it does work.

I asked sparkfun this question and this is the answer I got for everyones information:

You will need to reflash the micro on the serial backpack. You will need a PIC programmer, PGM-00009, and PIC software (WinPIC) to upload the sketch. Source code is available here;

If you want help on PIC programming, check out our tutorials;