Sparkfun Si4703 FM Receiver Breakout Board Arduino Library

I have wrapped up the code that comes with this FM receiver from Sparkfun into a library.

I also took the opportunity to tidy things up a bit and fix the RDS.

Help yourselves....

Instructions and download here:

Thanks very much for posting your work. Looking forward to trying this when I get home from my day job.

Take care,


That is so cool. I may just HAVE to build one of these into my motorcycle. Let's see, I could put a couple of buttons on the handlebar, route the wires into the headlamp nacelle and get power from the light wires.....weatherproofing, gotta think about that too.


Hmmmm. That was a bit of a teaser. Is the station callsign as far as your code has got? Did you leave the rest for homework? Hope more is to follow or did I miss something?

Regards, Kevin

What is your impression of the quality of reception with this FM receiver ?

code is indeed not complete, can you repost it here ?

TIA, Rob

Sorry, the call sign is all I have - all I needed for my app.

But if you do the 'homework' I'd love to see the result. :)

@Kevin Sparkfun has some sample code - - far away from a Arduino library but it has quite some functionality in it.

Furthermore there is a PDF mention for fetching RDS data with it - - Helpfull to check traffic jams etc.

I'ved done a lot of playing with the sparkfun code and had no luck with it as has anyone else as far as I have seen posted (here or sparkfun). It's not an easy thing this RDS. I was able to get callsign data out from the sparkfun code with a bit of playing. Glad to see the code posted by Si above.

Back to the drawing board for me I guess.

Take care all.


Well all you have to do is look and look again. I went back to the sparfun discussion of this board and someone by the name of "siren" has posted a link to his work. His code is a improved version of the original and it seams to work extreamly well. A link to his work is Here

Great work Siren.

Regards, Kevin

Just to add a link to the radio I built using the library at the weekend.

Schematics, sketches and a stripboard layout, just keep following the links:,72792.0.html