sparkfun USB host shield, OSC did not start

Hi All,

I am working on a project wherein I have to read some parameters from a barcode using a barcode scanner.

Hardware & software I am using:

  1. Arduino UNO R3,
  2. USB host shield by sparkfun (
  3. iball's USB barcode scanner
  4. Arduino IDE 1.5.6r2
  5. USB host library (
  6. Code from with all LCD related syntax removed; I am printing to Serial.

I was able to compile and upload the code successfully. While running sometimes I got a message on Serial which said "OSC did not start" while other times the "OSC did not start message did not appear but the scanned text was not displayed on the Serial.

After a while I was able to run it fine and could see the scanned text on the Serial window.

My problem is that I am again getting "OSC did not start" error and honestly everything (connections, code) is same as before. Could anyone here comment on what could be causing this problem?

Thanks and regards,

Does this have something to do with THE Arduino project? I don't think so.

Posting in the APPROPRIATE forum is far more appropriate.

Thanks for letting me know, Paul.

Did not realize that it was under "Development"

Any progress on this problem? Thank you so much.