Sparkfun Weather Shield and Xbee shield overlapping pin help!

I'm trying to send the data from the weather shield to my computer via the xbee shield. My problem seems common but I haven't been able to find a good solution. The digital pin 2 is used by both of these shield when the XBee shield is in the DLINE position. I think I could switch to the UART position but have no clue how to do that and have tried everything I can think of. Maybe that would fiz my problem. However, sparkfun seems very worried about the UART positon and say that it could be dangerous. Apparently there is also a way to unsolder something and have the DLINE connect to other pins besides the digital pin 2 and 3. Unfortunately, I can't really find any very clear instructions on that. So any elaboration on either of those two ideas could greatly help. Thanks

Had a duh moment actually. Turns out to use the UART pin is actually as easy as printing to the serial monitor and reading from the COM the XBee is connected. That part is resolved. BUT I am still curious how to use the DLINE and SoftwareSerial way so that i can remotely program the arduino.