"Speaker's Corner" feasibility - Newbie help

Hi, I am brand new to the Arduino thing. For my project, I am making a "Speaker's Corner" where people come up to a booth, push a button, and a computer with web cam records what they are saying/doing. I am using an older iMac (2006) and AppleScript to run quicktime and the built-in web cam. I have the AppleScript worked out and have it setup so that a keystroke triggers it to start.

What I want to do now, is setup an arcade button (like this: http://www.ultimarc.com/ultralux.html) to trigger the keystroke. I also would like to have it turn on some LED lights when the button is pushed.

Is this going to be something that will be relatively easy to do? And what kind of supplies am I going to be looking for.

Thanks in advance.

Why not just solder a piece of wire to the pads on a specific key and hook the button to it?

Yes it is easy to do, just use a Learnardo type Arduino.