SpeakJet output help.

I am using a speakjet ic chip with the arduino duemilanove for speech synthesis and I'm getting some problems from the audio output. I'm using the software serial library and I'm getting no compilation errors. This is how I send out the allophones( is this correct? )

My problem is when I connect the pin 18 to a amplifier and speaker, all I get is a high pitched squeal. I have a delay after the print and the delay works fine (it does seem a little short though). I can't see what I've done wrong, can someone help?

Does anyone know how to answer this?

Nobody can help with no code or schematic.

Can anyone tell me the capability of interfacing TTS256 with speakjet that is how many words that can speak.someone told that it ll speak 1ly 8 words whether it correct r not can u help me with this

Post links to what you are talking about, if you want help.

I have done the connection as mentioned in this below link and executed the same code.

But it says only 'Ready' and nothing else

I'm guessing as I can't see your circuit / schematic - but if you are connecting a sound module's output to an amplifier you might need to reduce the gain before going in - I certainly found that to be the case with a circuit I built recently. Try adding a capacitor and resistor or two to the circuit - e.g.:

soundPin ------ (+)10uF CAP(-) ------ 10k? --+-- 220? ----- GND