Special Characters on MCUFriend TFT

Looking for a list with special characters for a 320*240 TFT 2.4" MCUFriend display.

I triend tft.print((char)223); for the degrees sign but get always an alpha sign .

Thanks , Marco


Thanks , Marco

If char(223) is alpha, I would expect char(247) to be degree.


If you are using the regular 7x5 "system" font there are several non-ascii symbols in 0-31 and 128-255.
e.g. 247.


Thanks Davis ,
I wrote a little sketch with a for loop and find out all the special ( and non special ) characters for the MCU 2.4" screen .
The sign for ' degree ' = 247 ( not 248 like mentionned above )

Best regards , Marco , Southern France