Special discount for University

Hi guys My university is interested in acquiring some Dev. Boards to work with Computer, Industry and Automation. But the focus would be the low price, so I recommended the Arduino to them. Got my on eBay for about $ 18 a Duemilanove, but the university needs invoice and pay taxes, then it is not a valid option. The website recommended some Brazilian Offices to buy it, but they are too expensive! (about $ 65 Uno, which is similar to Duemilanove). So I wanted to know, can we create any partnership with the Arduino team and Universities to buy directly from a good price? Thanks

Shopping on the web may be cheaper (even without tax return :slight_smile:

  • have you checked bulk prices at commercial providers like - sparkfun.com or www.yourduino.com? The latter has special kits for education
  • remember that the UNO is just 1 building block of many!

Hope this helpes

I you need bulk quantities why not have them etched and placed for you? The design files are open. With reasonable large quantities you can pretty low prices. If you are a university your EE department should know how to get something like this sourced at reasonable prices.

Well, I'm in Brazil, and sadly, you won't get anything lower than $ 65 if you need a hot invoice. ;-) What you can do is just the above suggestion, as its the best one, or pay extra and get legal devices with invoices.

If you import directly, its going to cost you 100% of any declared value + shipping, therefore, $ 65 per board.

I'm impressed that UNI is requiring invoices, why can't they get it "cold"? :grin:


Impossible to get "cold invoce" for my University. I think is better to get the product from internacional websites, even if we pay 100% taxs, still lower comparing to brazillian websites =/

Any other ideias guys? Thanks

Hello, Contact us offline to see if we can help. Low initial cost maybe means customs not so high??

UPDATE: After a long discussion with DHL about shipping to Brazil, I have shipping via DHL set up to your country.

A good place to start: http://arduino-info.wikispaces.com/BrickStarterSet (Click on any part or sensor for How-To, Examples)

Regards, Terry King