Special programmin for Special project help needed

Good Morning to all,

I'd like to ask the experts about a little help and opinion on a upcomming project. I just purchased an arduino uno and a 2.8" touchscreen shield. 'm building a cnc pipe cutter and would like to install 3 stepper motor driven actuators to controll with the arduino( i know why not with the cnc, but to answer it is 2 axis controller and x y is already in use for pipe cutter chuck.) So this 3 pieces of actuators will be vertical and what i would like to controll with arduino is that , if i enter a pipe diameter( on touchscreen for a given pipe for example 3 inches, than actuators will move up to this programed height till centered with chuck, that way can be half automated loading. No need to lift up one by one the pipes. Now, i'd like to do this for every possible diameter. And would use switches as inputs, so when chuck hits first actuator switch first actuator drives down, than travels chuck towards hits second switch , second actuators travels down till third one. Basically they are holding the pipe. When cutting finished cnc sends back chuck to home position hits a switch and all 3 actuators moving up same time with a new pipe to be cut.

Any help would be appriciated. Even willing to pay for good help.

I don't see a question, just a list of requirements. You will need to provide a more detail for anyone to help much. Like data sheets for motors and motor drivers and a schematic of the system to start.

Even willing to pay for good help.

If you don't get a response here, you can ask a Moderator to move this to the Gigs and Collaborations section where programmers for hire are more likely to see it.

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That is a really hepful advice. I see you've got a lot of free time.

ati0216: I see you've got a lot of free time.

It's my age :)