Special symbol problem with keystroke injections


Im quite new to this, but one thing I wanted to try out was to use the Arduino Leonardo to do some keystroke injections on my laptop. My problem arises when I write special symbol. I just tried to write "=" which turns into another symbol and the question mark turns into a underscore, this happens when I try to use "Keyboard.println("blabla??==");" to cmd in Windows.

Does this have to do with language settings? Or is there something totally different I need to adjust somehow?

Googling this didnt get me far.

I got some help on this in another forum. It seems that this is an issue for several people and has to deal with keyboard layout. Im using Norwegian keyboard which does not involve the same hex values for the different keys as a US keyboard does.

Entering the keyboard.cpp file within the Arduino folders I changed the values of the hex list to correspond to the correct key.

As an example:

the "=" sign was stated as "0x0c" or something. Looking at my keyboard I can see that "=" is located at the key which corresponds to "0". And can be reached by holding down SHIFT. I therefore changed that part of the code to "0x27|SHIFT". And the "0x27" I found by looking through the rest of the list for the hex value that corresponds to "0". And there you go. You have to do this for every symbol you need to change. Takes some time, though...

Danish-Swedish-Norwegian Keyboard.cpp