Specify "Pin"?

A little funny question, but, must I specify a pin number using "Pin"?

int ledPin = 13;

That should work. But would this?:

int led = 13;

Yes it all works. The name is irrelevant as the compiler and linker will simply translate it all to a memory address when it does it's job.

You can make your code more easily clear or less clear through your choices of names for variables and functions.

Thank you.

From a syntax point of view, it doesn't matter.

From a good-practices point of view, it is rather silly to name a variable "pin". You already know it is a pin, why call the variable that? Instead, call the variable what that pin is connected to and even better, the function.

"errorLED" or "startButton" or something descriptive like that is much more useful than "int pin = 12;" when you are reading the code.