SPECK algorithm for arduino

I'm trying to build a data transmission system using SPECK encryption,

I'm still new to data encryption and haven't found any literacy that can help me work on my project on Arduino.

can anyone provide a complete explanation or is there a library that I can learn to apply in my arduino project.

Thank you for the help

Have You tried Google on "Arduino + encryption"?

or even better… this was the first hit…
SIMON/SPECK encryption in C

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thanks for the advice, I've tried with that keyword, and I found this link


but still don't know how to implement it

thanks for the hint, let me try there

If you are "new" to encryption, why choose to implement SPECK, which is controversial? There of dozens of standard encryption algorithms that work on Arduino, out of the box.

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because this project is needed to help my friend and he use SPECK encryption,

indeed if I could choose, I would choose the encryption that is more commonly used for arduino

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