Specs of the Arduino Materia 101

I was wondering. The new addition to the arduino Family, the Arduino Materia 101, it says on the webpage that it's:

Arduino Materia 101 is an open-source machine, from the design of the mechanics to the electronics and firmware, as all Arduino products.

I was unable to find any info on the mechanics or electronics.
As a response to the Paul Verhoeven classic movie Starship Troopers: Yes, I would like to know more.

Is it still in dev. or are the specs somewhere I haven't looked?

As far as I know, this is it : GitHub - radandre/MATERIA101: A Marlin firmware for Materia101 No indication of license.

To be honest, like most claimed open source products, I think the "open source" label is added for marketing buzz, but it is not really a genuine Open Source project. You are just supposed to buy it :slight_smile: