Spectrum Analizer 360 Tracker

Dear all,

I´m thinking to make a medium-complex arduino project.

Spectrum Analizer 360 Tracker.

Track a known frecuency tone during moving, via Fx Explorer module w directional antenna, arduino due, continious servo, keyboard and display, visualizing on display (like radar project do) the angle where comes the signal respect to your position and follow it despite your heading.

Could be feasible or i´m flying like a space rocket? There is someone who has made something like that?

As I know, there is only some radar projects who shows on display where comes a given obstacle via ultrasonic sensor, but it cannot track or folow it, yet... :wink: in the other hand in fpv world, I remember seen an antenna tracker wich is a bit more close but works on gps instead of frec signal.

Thanks to all community brains!!


Your posting has a lot of words with very specific meanings. when you put them all together like that, it conveys NO idea of what you are proposing.


You haven't provided links for your hardware - we need to know which devices you are talking about.