Speech Processing for few commands on Arduino

Hello All,

I am trying to make a small project and currently using Arduino pro mini and looking for a module to connect to arduino to listen and identify simple commands like " START","STOP" and few similar ones.

I tried the LD3320 (bought from china) but I was not able to integrate it with Arduino and moreover it does not recognize english.

I have read about other modules but most of them are record the command first.

My need is user independent speech recogniztion for small one word commands.

Any suggestion would be very helpful.

I want this to be offline as i plan to put this in a device for commerical purpose.

I am also reading if rpi with some offline speech recogniztion could work...but cost would be a factor and I just need few commands.

a simple search on youtube and I found this Voice Recognition Module;) but you need an FTDI USB To TTL Serial Converter to program the words. and here is the full module kit only the FTDI module is missing.