Speech Recognition Project

Hi all, I'm just starting on a project that requires speech recognition (voice-independent), are there any libraries available to help implement an offline processing of sound imprints (i.e. not necessarily words in a specific language but simply some sort of frequency snapshot of a recorded sound command that can be language-independent)?

Additionally, I'm seeking to include on board a button(s) with press triggers including tap and long press, for recording a trigger phrase and simply triggering a boolean (on/off).. Ideally, I'm hoping to build this with a variation of an Arduino board (unless a more practical hardware option is recommended).. any guidance / advice is appreciated!

Arduino isn’t going to be able to do speech recognition. You’re going to have to find something else that can handle that part of the project. Maybe an RPi could do it, but not an Arduino. It just doesn’t have enough computing power.

Hi Faalbane,

Like Delta_G said arduino's can't do that themselves since they dont have the power to. Some people have found a way to combine voice regonition on android with an arduino: arduino android voice recognition.

What exactly are you trying to do? Maybe there is another way to accomplish that without voice recognition?